OIMA Spring/Summertime Mixtape - Featuring Johannes Linstead, Paul Chaput, Carole Allison, and more!

Spring has officially sprung! So take a breather, start dreaming of warmer days -- and turn up your speakers, because nothing announces spring quite like sweet music spilling out of an open window, riding the wind across clear blue skies.

In honour of the season, here is a Spring-themed OIMA mixtape of some songs that I feel speak to the coming of sunnier days. 

OIMA Women's Day Mixtape - Featuring Binaeshee-Quae, Lal, The Sensational Bette Graham, and more!

Today is International Women’s Day - a day to honour women’s achievements, while also continuing to figure out how we can create better, safer spaces in which all women can thrive.

In the spirit of the day, here is an OIMA mixtape highlighting just a few of the amazing women whose music we’re fortunate to include in our Archive.  (Click on the song titles below to have a listen.)


While the growth in OIMA users this summer has been awesome, we’ve noticed some common questions asked by individuals in the OIMA community. In this post, I’ll respond to all the questions you’re dying to know the answers to.

I’ve created a profile on OIMA. Now how do I upload my music?

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