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Yo Ho Ho! The buried treasure (public domain) awaits you!

Ahoy mateys! You’ll never believe it! As I was digging through general copyright research, I came across something that will (maybe) change your life! And no, it’s not loot, but it’s just as exciting! It’s called the public domain!

‘What are these strange waters you speak of?’ you might ponder.


There once was a creator. She wrote the catchiest music that ears have ever heard. And because her work fit the criteria for copyright (it was unique and in a permanent form), she enjoyed great success and recognition for her tunes throughout her life.

Copyright talk with Olivier Charbonneau: what's your end goal?

What is your goal as an artist or creator? Do you want your music to simply be shared among friends for fun? Or are you looking to make a career out of your musical talent? What path do you want to take to get to your end goal?

These are the types of questions that came to light during my discussion with Olivier Charbonneau last Thursday.

Share your Creativity! OIMA and Creative Commons

Did you know that any original work you’ve made, whether that’s a catchy song or a finger painting, is automatically protected under copyright? This is because generally, original creative works are protected under copyright law as soon as they’ve been created, just as long as they’re fixed  in a permanent form (for example, recorded or written down or finger painted). You don’t even need to register for copyright protection (although, it's strongly recommended)!

A hello from the copyright handbook editor!

Hey there, my name is Bonnie! This summer I’ll be tackling some of the legal mumbo-jumbo that makes many of us treble – err tremble in fear.

Understanding copyright regulations can seem like a daunting task. It can even deter us from some rockin' opportunities, just because all those laws, licenses and agreements might be too confusing.

So this is where I come in!

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