OIMA is a free digital archive for the preservation and promotion of independent music from Ontario, both contemporary and historical.  

This is your chance to dip into the musical history of the place you call home.  Liven up your musical library with music from our collection. Listen local.  

Whether you want to explore a particular genre (or year or artist) or if you just need to mix up your workday playlist, we've got you covered.

Music lovers

Are you one of those passionate music lovers who always seems to bust out something your friends have never heard of? A veteran digger into old vinyl and cassette bins at thrift stores and garage sales? Always up on the newest band?

As an OIMA Contributor you'll be able to help promote and preserve the awesome music happening in our province.

Help bring your great taste to our listeners!


Are you an artist living, working, playing, or hailing from Ontario?

OIMA is a way for you to get the word out, including licensing and distributing your music free of charge to engaged listeners, and local campus and community radio programmers.

Goodness knows the internet is filled with thousands of platforms to get your music out there, wherever "there" is. We want to help you reach people close enough to come out to your next show.


This is the place for organizations that work with independent musicians from across Ontario to maybe brag a bit as well as archive any live recordings.

Curators could include independent record labels, campus and community radio stations, festivals, music blogs, venues, record shops, concert series, recording see where we're going with this, yeah?

You know music and here's another chance to share that expertise.